The requirement

The digital transformation of the UK Public Sector and the delivery of joined-up, end-to-end services using cloud and digital technologies is wide-ranging and complex.

The scale of change across the entire Public Sector is extensive. Increased levels of cooperation and coordination are required within organisations and between organisations to orchestrate activity, avoid duplication and increase pace.

Initiatives to introduce portfolio management processes and systems to orchestrate activities typically receive mixed receptions, serving to highlight differences between the centralised control and standardisation of traditional or waterfall deliveries, and the empowered, self-managing ethos of lean deliveries.

These challenges are exacerbated by the increasing diversity of cloud-based tools, often within the same organisation, that are being used across projects and programmes to manage delivery activity, such as Jira, Trello, CA Agile and Microsoft Project Online.

This diversity of tools leads to further challenges when integrating plan, progress, financial, resource and benefit data to form an aggregated view of the programmes comprising a portfolio, so that the portfolio itself may be managed and the value it delivers may be optimised.

Redesmere has a proven approach to assisting clients with the design and adoption of cloud-based lean enterprise portfolio management solutions and associated ways of working.

Our capabilities

Our team has extensive experience of driving digital transformation using agile delivery methodologies and tools, as well as the more traditional waterfall delivery models, across central government departments, the NHS and also Private Sector organisations.